Contain candles with confidence.

Contain your candles with confidence.

Feel the difference.

As a leading supplier for the global candle industry, Auralites tea light containers set the standard for quality, safety, and value.

Feel the difference

As a leading supplier for the global candle industry, Auralites tea light containers set the standard for quality, safety, and value.

See The Benefits

Light. Strong. Safe. Affordable.


Our translucent, customizable, high quality materials instantly bring a premium quality appearance to your product line.


Made from certified UL-approved flame retardant polycarbonate, our containers will last longer and eliminate issues associated with using substandard materials.


Our years of experience within the global candle industry provide you with a high level of quality control, product consistency, and a trusted partner in realizing your product ideas.

American Made

Our material purchasing power, industry relationships, and American manufacturing operations negate any issues with supply chains, vastly improving your time-to-market. Globally.

Containers In Action

Our Products.

Containers In Action

Our Products.

We employ the highest levels of quality, efficiency and sustainability in producing the most attractive, safe and practical products possible,
while reducing our ecological footprint. We use a 100% virgin polycarbonate in the manufacturing of all of our products. Polycarbonate is a #7 recyclable plastic.

Since our inception we’ve been closely involved with associations such as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), the National Candle Association (NCA) and the Latin American Candle Manufacturers Association (ALAFAVE) to ensure our products not only meet but exceed the industry’s evolving standards.

Find Our Stuff


Tap on a region to order our products.

Find Our Stuff


Tap on a region to order our products.

The Gold Standard

Tea Light

Our spin on a classic, our bread and butter and where we got our start. We’ve designed the feet so you can stack the cups and they’ll nestle perfectly in a box or a tube. The centering posts keep wick sustainers in place so you don’t have to worry about migration. Sized to fit in most tea light accessories, our cups will be the perfect addition to your candle line.

A Well Rounded Classic

4 Ounce Jar

One of the most common sizes of jar candles, we knew chandlers would want a shatter proof alternative that was much lighter than their glass counterparts. Excellent as a standalone candle, no accessory or holder is necessary with these cups and with a substantial area for labeling, you’ll have no problem making these jars your own.

Maximum Value

Maxi Light

Born out of an idea that tea lights could be bigger and better, these cups give you a candle that burns longer and brighter than conventional tea lights. We tapered the base of these cups giving them optimal wax consumption so your customers receive maximum value. Designed with the same stacking capabilities as our standard tea lights, your packaging options are as versatile as possible.

A Tall Tradition


A staple in the industry, no candle line is complete without a votive. Our cups can be used as a filled candle or as a mold for loose votives. The tapered walls allow heat to disperse easily and the base lifts these cups up.

Short and Sweet

Nano Tea Light

Our smallest and most cost-effective cup, this unique size isn’t available anywhere else. It greatly reduces the amount of raw materials needed for a finished tea light, making it a more affordable option, and the angled base ensures maximum wax consumption for improved burn times. These cups don’t sacrifice quality for price.

A Soothing Size

Spa Light

If you’re looking to make a candle that soothes and relaxes, the Spa Light is a good choice. It’s a great size for traveling without the risk of breakage and is excellent for introducing customers to a fragrance before they commit to a large candle. Created with the intention of being used by the bath, this cup works perfectly sitting on its own.

A New Classic

Mini Tea Light

Designed with packaging constraints in mind, we shortened our standard tea light cup but left all the other features intact – wick centering posts to prevent migration and ridged feet for stacking that make packaging a breeze. The shorter height means less material needed for making candles, while facilitating a better fit in most tea light accessories.

Intrepid Traveler

30 Hour Jar

An unusual size, our 30 Hour Jars give you a candle that just won’t quit. Straight sidewalls give you ample room for labeling, and centering posts ensure your wick stays put. This cup’s unique dimensions make it ideal for creating a candle your customers won’t find anywhere else.

Don’t Stay In The Dark

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