Auralites specializes in the production of pure polycarbonate candle containers.

Meeting and Exceeding the industry’s evolving standards since 2003…

Working with a broad network of loyal clients spanning North and South America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, we have gained global recognition as one of the world’s most trusted producers of quality plastic containers for candles.

Since our inception we’ve been closely involved with associations such as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), the National Candle Association (NCA) and the Latin American Candle Manufacturers Association (ALAFAVE) to ensure our products not only meet but exceed the industry’s evolving standards.


What We Offer

Our containers are Safe, Superior and Affordable!

Made from certified UL approved flame retardant polycarbonate, our product line will eliminate many of the problems caused by using aluminum or glass.

At Auralites, we’re devoted to understanding the individual needs of each of our clients.

This allows us to provide not just excellent products, but optimal solutions, from production to delivery. If we can enhance our client’s products and help them grow their business with greater ease, then we consider this a job well done. Among our team and with our valued clients, we thrive in a mutually beneficial, cooperative relationship.

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We’re proudly partnered with some of the top distributors around the world!


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If you’d like to be added to our distributor list, simply contact our sales team with the product you’d like to add to your line and we’ll work together to get you added into our distributor list which includes a link on our website.

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